Thoughts on Acupuncture

The ancients called such bio-energy “Qi” or Chi and tried to explain by using the Energy Differentials calling them by the Yin and the Yang [broadly speaking as the positive and negative terminologic terms.] Such terms, though easily understandable to us in the East are branded as hocus-pocus by the cabal of “Open minded Western Scientists“.

Acupuncture is not scientific, it is Super Scientific.

While we in the West are still finding chemical solutions to most health problems, Chinese Acupuncture uses a more advanced understanding of the human body, by having mapped out its bio energic pathways some 3,000 years ago. To have understood that ill health is mainly caused by a disturbance in the bio energic flow.

Regulation of which would allow the body to function “Normally” is to be healthy. Rather simple, isn’t it ?? There are some 2,000 acupuncture points identified on the human body. These are mainly just findings and academic. Only some 300 + points are needed to treat health problems. And one normally need only a handful of points to treat most conditions.

These days, with AIDS and other transmitable diseases, all acupuncture needles are pre-sterilised and of disposable use.

Stimulation of these points are done using these very fine needles , however finger pressure and even massage of those points can produce a result by an experienced practitioner.

Acupuncture when written in the Chinese language is composed of two ideograms [ or words ].

"Chen Chiu" [ Wades Giles ] or "Jen Jew"[ local pronunciation ].

By itself, the first word means Needle and the second meaning Moxibustion.

The combined two words meaning Acupuncture. The needle with the use of burning the herb called Moxa. Moxibustion involves the burning of a Chinese herb [Artimesia Vulgaris or the chinese mugwort ] that had been dried and crushed to be wrapped round an inserted acupuncture needle and burnt , or made into a cigar like roll, when lighted, is suspended over certain Ac. points for energising or stimulation of a particular Ac. point or meridian.

By the way, Do you know that the drug now used to successfully treat Malaria is Artemisinin ?Yes, it is derived from Artemisia plant, first prescribed by the physicians in Han Dynasty ,200 BC in China ?And the western drug cartels act as though they knew it ......." all along."No thanks to the Chinese.

The western "scientists" had only been exposed to AC. during the NIxon years . And a huge country like China with a population of a Billion people only made known to the West after Nixon`s visit to Beijing to meet Chairman Mao . Such is the power of the Press to be able to hide a country away for some 30 years by just ignoring it, and together with Western opinion, Acupuncture was made a laughing stock as another Asian hocus-pocus.

The " No way Boy ! " brigade was vociferous in their response when Acupuncture Anaesthesia was first shown on TV. So when acupuncture, was brought to Ireland in a medical practice such as the one I started in 1980, the opposition from the Irish Medical world was to laugh and then ignore. I ran the whole gamut of abuse and derision, from my own medical colleagues for some 20 + years, and I have survived!

Mostly out of Arrogance, Ignorance and Insecurity , western " scientists " investigated " Ac. with their eyes closed.

Their first reaction to the subject was itss just Hocus pocus was replaced by their declaration that it is just:

1. Auto suggestion.
Acupuncture is used to treat horses, pigs and cattle and even dogs. So what auto suggestion??

2. Endorphins!! or locally produced feel good morphine- like compounds
Everything has to be drug linked, you see,or else the world can`t go around. If that`s the case, a small dose of morphine for each of your patients for every complaint should clear the backlog in every clinic. The feel good factor arises in any being when he/she is feeling better/healthier and well.

It means that whatever the treatment offered [ be it the correct medicines from a GP ,or Acupuncture or just wise advice ] is working . AND, the patients won`t be packing your clinic looking for drug refills !!

In many parts of the world ,in Europe/the Americas and of course in Asia , Acupuncture is used hand in hand with western medical treatment. In the National University Hospital in Singapore for example,they have more than 20 beds for Ac. treatment, and Singapore [ where I came from ] though only 1/5 th the size of Co. Cork is one of the most advanced countries in the world.