Frequently Asked Questions

What age groups will you consider treating?

Normally from the early 20's to the early 40's.

Those couples just married for just 6 months to a year are advised to take the normal course of procreation. There is no need to worry or panic.

Babies do not come on demand. The more a couple worries or panics at this stage, the later the chances of conception. Those who have tried through the natural way for more than a year may then need to seek help.

Will Acupuncture help in every case of Infertility?

No. Certainly not.
Cases like:
1. Congenital Abnormality of Uterine structure
2. Blocked tubal passages due to previous pelvic inflamatory disease [ PID] resulting in total occlusion of the fallopian tubes.
3. Infertility due to the presence of a systemic disease
4. Extreme Obesity
5. Advanced age for childbearing [ cut off point in most centres is around the 44 age ]
All of the above will find IVF a better route.
However, that too will depend on the criteria set by the IVF clinics for accepting a patient for treatment.

Assuming that I have none of the above problems, how many times do you need to see me?

A course of treatment here is around the 12 to 14 visits . Many a patient have become pregnant after 3-4 visits . But most tend to conceive a few months after the 12-14 visits.

Acupuncture effects can normally last for 6 months to a year , so be prepared for surprises.

If I am unable to come to see you, what would you recommend?

You must choose the acupuncturist that you and your doctor are are comfortable with.

See that he/she is properly qualified, and has had some medical background - by that I mean a medical doctor/nurse/physiotherapist /etc. and not a former taxi driver or car salesman,turned "Acupuncturist"!

Be careful.

I have a history of repeated miscarriages, can you treat that?

Usually treatable, unless the patient has a systemic disease / infection or foetal /uterine abnormality that results in recurrent miscarriages.

Treatment is usually based on building up a healthier womb ,before implantation and thereafter the treatment revolves around the stabilising of the womb Chi or Bio energic makeup to hold on to the pregnancy till full term.

What about this talk of having acupuncture 20 minutes before an IVF and 20 minutes after?

Total nonsense. This reflects on the poor training and understanding of Acupuncture , by the clinic and by the so called acupuncturist doing it.

In the first place, uterine tissue and health will not change in 20 minutes, unless you have a fairy bottle from a Leprechuan at the bottom of your garden.

These days, Medicine is now a money making industry. Gone are the values of Integrity and honesty. Everyone seems to be "cashing in" on those desperate and helpless.

Acupuncture is not just sticking a pin in a patient. Good Medicine is both an Art and a Science , be it the prescription of a drug or sticking of a pin or a scolding or a reassurance.

You mentioned stress as a contributory factor to Infertility, can you expand on that?

Stress producers a set of hormones in the body that prepares it for fight or flight . There would be a shutdown or lessening of hormones necessary for proper ovulation and subsequent conception.Hence the more tense a woman becomes, the less chances of becoming pregnant.

This part of the world is at peace, so why live in stress??

So what causes stress?

Generally speaking it is the feeling of the " loss of control " or LOC. Financial ..........LOC of the money coming in , and that going out. Personal /social life ? ...............LOC of the way the relationship is going . Will he/she or won`t he/she still love me ? Child bearing ?.......................WE NEED A BABY NOW !!!

One may not be in a position of eliminating stress, but one can certainly be able to MODERATE it. Financial? Spend less or wisely. If you don`t mix with the Rats rat race. Personal/social? Take it easy. Don`t frighten good things away. Never chase a butterfly. Good things in life will settle on you, eventually. Babies? Well, do your best. Relax and live life. If you need help, there are enough people around to help you.If it is meant to be, so it will be.

It is my firm belief that this Universe is in perfect Harmony., it has to be , for it to work. Every leaf has it`s time on a tree., every being it`s time on this Reality. How many fish you will catch in your lifetime and how many patients that I will see in mine, are all decreed. NO more and no less, and it is a wise man who understands that Basic Law and live A Life Complete.

So many of us here are like mice........ who spend their time chasing cheese.And at the end of it , what have you to show ?? Just loads of cheese.For Cheese, say Money. There is more to Life and Living than cheese.

Try chasing WISDOM for a change.