A Message from Dr. Jan.

Dear Folks,

I have been working in Ireland as a medical doctor since 1976 and having practised Medicine in conjunction with Acupuncture since 1980.
Now semi-retired, I run a 3 day clinic here in Kilmeaden on the outskirts of Waterford City.

I have setup this website for those seeking information regarding Acupuncture and the treatment for Infertility.
At my clinic, I treat patients with problems of Infertility amongst other conditions, and so practice Eastern and Western Medicine, hand in hand.

Our clinic has a result of over 70% success rate with regard to Infertility treatment and if you click here, you will find an article from Mothers & Babies about my successful treatment of Infertility in Ireland. Also when browsing this site, you will also find two videos, one made in 1987, to show one of the applications of acupuncture that is used in surgery, and the other an excerpt from an interview with the Waterford City TV that was aired a number of years ago.

Once, Medicine was known as the most noble of the Noble professions and the operative word here is WAS.
These days, there are more doctors who will first feel your wallet before he feels your heart.

  • Fees charged in this Clinic will be on a standard “Pay as you go” basis.
  • There will be no such thing as a “Lump sum down payment” before treatment.
  • So there will be no need to mortgage your house or sell your car.
  • There will be no extra charge to treat any condition no matter how exotic or difficult it may be.
  • The same fee will be charged to all patients who attend this Clinic, even those seeking treatment for Infertility.
The only request is for the Patient to understand that Acupuncture treatment takes time to work.
Do not come seeking miracle cures or making impossible demands on the doctor.
Everyone will be given the same respect and attention they deserve, no more no less.
I only want to work three days a week and so do value what little time I have left for myself.

So do enjoy the site, browse through my art, books but most importantly go forth and multiply!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Jan
Republic of Ireland